Khutbahs/Sermons given at Mosque

The khutbah is the central sermon in Islam. It is performed with the dhuhr prayer in the mosque on Friday and with the Eid Prayer on both Eid days. 

The khutbah is read before the Friday prayer and after the Eid prayer is usually performed by an Imam or a Shaykh.  Find below a selection of khutbahs .

Date Title
22/06/2012 Community
15/06/2012 False Testimony (2)
08/06/2012 False Testimony
01/06/2012 Forgiveness – the Servants of the All-Merciful series
25/05/2012 Giving back the rights of people – the Servants of the All-Merciful series
18/05/2012 Repentance (3) – the Servants of the All-Merciful series
11/05/2012 Repentance (2) – the Servants of the All-Merciful series
04/05/2012 Repentance (1) & OVERVIEW of the Servants of the All-Merciful Series
27/04/2012 “and do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse…” (3)
Make Marriage
20/04/2012 “and do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse…” (2)
Killing Community
13/04/2012 “and do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse…” (1)
a man does not worship that which he desires
06/04/2012 Sanctity of Human Life (4)
“and do not … kill the soul which Allah has forbidden”
30/03/2012 Sanctity of Human Life (3)
“and do not … kill the soul which Allah has forbidden”
23/03/2012 Sanctity of Human Life (2)
“and do not … kill the soul which Allah has forbidden”
16/03/2012 Sanctity of Human Life (1)
“and do not … kill the soul which Allah has forbidden”
09/03/2012 “And when I am ill, it is He who cures me” – wearing amulets, charms and incantations
02/03/2012 Belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits
24/02/2012 Responding in Testing Times
17/02/2012 Shahadah – part 4
10/02/2012 Shahadah – part 3
27/01/2012 Shahadah – part 2
20/01/2012 Shahadah – part 1
13/01/2012 Moderation with the tongue
06/01/2012 Spending Wealth part 2
30/12/2011 Spending Wealth
23/12/2011 …those who say, ‘Our Lord, avert from us the punishment of Hell…’
25/11/2011 Night Prayer
18/11/2011 Anger
11/11/2011 Those who walk upon the earth easily (continued)
06/11/2011 Eid ul-Adha Khutba 2011
04/11/2011 Arafah & the Eid of the Sacrifice
28/10/2011 Self Deception from accomplishing our purpose
21/10/2011 Self Conceit
14/10/2011 Those who walk upon the earth easily
30/09/2011 A time for this and a time for that
23/09/2011 Lessons for Youth
16/09/2011 Accumulation of sins and Hajj
09/09/2011 Righteous deeds
02/09/2011 Lessons from Ramadan – Remaining steadfast
30/08/2011 Eid ul-Fitr khutba
26/08/2011 Lessons from Ramadan – Asking Allah
19/08/2011 Lessons from Ramadan – Improving the condition for those suffering oppression
11/08/2011 Lessons from Ramadan – Changing your condition each day
05/08/2011 Lessons from Ramadan – Patience and changing bad habits
15/07/2011 Husband’s treatment of his Wife
27/05/2011 Seeing Real Repentance in world and your self
20/05/2011 Correct Scale for Measuring our behaviour
06/05/2011 The Testers and the Tested
18/03/2011 Patience and Prayer
11/03/2011 Responsibility to and from Rulers – Part 2
04/03/2011 Responsibility to and from Rulers – Part 1
28/01/2011 The Story of David & Goliath in the Qur’an
21/01/2011 Distractions of this life
26/11/2010 Importance of calling yourself to account every day (before the account after death)
29/10/2010 Co-operating to complete one another
15/10/2010 Following the example of the Messenger
08/10/2010 The story behind Hajj
01/10/2010 Message to new students to Leeds
24/09/2010 Do no harm if you wish to suffer no harm and you will benefit those around you
17/09/2010 Steadfastness after Ramadan
09/09/2010 Eid ul-Fitr 1431 khutba
03/09/2010 Nearing the end of Ramadan
20/08/2010 The middle 10 days of Ramadan
13/08/2010 The month of Ramadan
16/07/2010 The Month of Shaban
02/07/2010 The Importance of Family
25/06/2010 Dawah
04/06/2010 Advising one another to compassion
28/05/2010 Giving for the sake of our Religion
21/05/2010 Haqq (Truth)
14/05/2010 Ihsan
30/04/2010 Ease in Shariah
30/04/2010 Participating in Elections
23/04/2010 Slander
16/04/2010 Backbiting
09/04/2010 Procrastination & Delaying
02/04/2010 Intention in Islam
12/03/2010 Nasiha
26/02/2010 Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday)
26/02/2010 Message to Travellers
05/02/2010 Being steadfast on guidance – & mistakes in jumuah
29/01/2010 Recent disastrous events – heedlessness of lessons – & mistakes in prayer
15/01/2010 Recent disastrous events – loss of knowledge
08/01/2010 2012
01/01/2010 Congratulating others on their religious celebrations part 2
25/12/2009 Days of Great Accomplishment
17/12/2009 Congratulating others on their religious celebrations
04/12/2009 What comes to you of good is from Allāh, but what comes to you of evil, is from yourself
27/11/2009 Eid ul-Adha 1430AH khutba
20/11/2009 First 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah
13/11/2009 Responding to current events as people of understanding
06/11/2009 Some lessons for an accepted Hajj
30/10/2009 Az-Zubair Ibn Al Awwam (2)
23/10/2009 Az-Zubair Ibn Al Awwam (1)
16/10/2009 Reformation and construction on the earth & preventing the spread of corruption
02/10/2009 Post Ramadan Resolve
04/09/2009 Zakah, Zakat-ul Fitr, Last 10 days of Ramadan & I’tikaaf
07/08/2009 Strong Believers
31/07/2009 Setting Goals for the Hereafter
10/07/2009 Attitude of a Believer towards calamities
05/06/2009 Talha Ibn Ubayd God (2)
22/05/2009 The four rightly guided Caliphs
08/05/2009 Ali Bin Abi Talib (6)
01/05/2009 Ali Bin Abi Talib (5)
06/03/2009 Lessons from the birth of the prophet (pbuh)
27/02/2009 Extremism has no place in our faith
06/02/2009 How to be with the Quran – Othman Bin Affan (raa) part 2
09/01/2009 Supporting Muslim Brothers
19/12/2008 Othman bin Affan (raa) Part 1
12/12/2008 The death of Omar bin Al-Khattab
08/12/2008 Eid ul-Adha 1429
14/11/2008 Omar bin Al-Khattab (raa) Part 3
24/10/2008 Abu Bakr (raa) Part 5
17/10/2008 Divine Causes of Financial Crises
10/10/2008 Signs of deeds being accepted
22/08/2008 Abu Bakr (raa) part 4
25/07/2008 Abu Bakr (raa) part 3
18/07/2008 Abu Bakr (raa) part 2
11/07/2008 Abu Bakr (raa) Part 1
04/07/2008 What made Allah honour the Ten Promised Paradise?
27/06/2008 Lessons relating to Rizq – Wealth, Sustenance, Earnings, Money
20/06/2008 Changing bad habits – smoking
06/06/2008 Strength of the believer
30/05/2008 Voices of the people of faith in the Qur’an
09/05/2008 Making peace ensures your heart is pure
25/04/2008 Good manners is a result of a strong belief in God
18/04/2008 Be in this World as a traveller
11/04/2008 Etiquettes regarding the mosque
04/04/2008 True Perspective upon Feeling a Sense of Loss
28/03/2008 Being Positive part 2 – striving to spread good
14/03/2008 Remembrance of Death During your Life
07/03/2008 Observe God in all the Actions you Perform in Life
29/02/2008 Being positive
15/02/2008 Unlawful Wealth
08/02/2008 Knowledge
01/02/2008 Community
25/01/2008 Importance of having hearts conscious of God
18/01/2008 Muharram – the month of God
11/01/2008 Treatment of non-muslims
07/12/2007 10 DAYS OF DHUL HIJJAH
30/11/2007 Betrayal
09/11/2007 Garments and Adornment
02/11/2007 Cleanliness out of consideration for the sensitivities of others
27/10/2007 Making light of small sins
13/10/2007 Manner of Eid Celebration and Reminders for the future
12/10/2007 Bidding farewell to Ramadan
05/10/2007 Striving to respond to the call of the Last Ten Days
28/09/2007 The root of having consciousness of God is to know what to be conscious of
14/09/2007 Do your best in Ramadan
07/09/2007 How to benefit from Ramadan
31/08/2007 Reminder that zakat is obligatory
24/08/2007 The virtues of Sha’ban and the Middle Night of Sha’ban
17/08/2007 The Mercy and Bounty of Allah Almighty
10/08/2007 Being Good to Parents
27/07/2007 Isra & Miraj
06/07/2007 To Avoid Misunderstanding and Wrongdoing
22/06/2007 The Strength of Willpower
15/06/2007 They will be shown by God that which they never expected”
13/04/2007 The Allah’s beloved
23/03/2007 Those who compete to do good deeds
26/01/2007 Hijra
19/01/2007 Importance of accounting yourself
12/01/2007 Reflecting upon God’s Wisdom & Forced Marriages
05/01/2007 The community of believers sent by God
30/12/2006 Eid ul-Adha – Remembering Abraham’s Obedience
29/12/2006 The Day of Arafat
22/12/2006 On Welcoming the Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah
24/11/2006 Amanah
01/09/2006 A journey through the realm of the heart
25/08/2006 God grants great relief in the Hereafter to those whose repentance is accepted
18/08/2006 On welcoming Isra and Miraj
11/08/2006 Seeking help in patience and prayer
04/08/2006 Those who impart justice with their power
28/07/2006 Alliances of Goodness
14/07/2006 Mercy is close at hand for the doers of good
30/06/2006 Between the individual Muslim and the Muslim group
23/06/2006 Truthfulness (part 6)
16/06/2006 Truthfulness (part 5)
09/06/2006 Truthfulness (part 4)
02/06/2006 Truthfulness (part 3)
26/05/2006 Truthfulness (part 2)
19/05/2006 Truthfulness
12/05/2006 “…Until they change what is in their own selves”
28/04/2006 Disobedience: Drinking Alcohol and Taking Drugs
21/04/2006 Relief for those who Regret then Repent
14/04/2006 To Educate and Interact with the Young
07/04/2006 The birth of the Prophet (pbuh) and his rights upon us
31/03/2006 The Birth of the best of the Sons of Adam; the Messenger to humanity
24/03/2006 Hearts that remember God
10/03/2006 The remembrance of God
03/03/2006 Concern for the next life
24/02/2006 Being Good to Parents
17/02/2006 Introducing Islam
10/02/2006 Love for the Prophet (pbuh)
27/01/2006 The Revelation of the Prophet’s Hijrah
20/01/2006 The end of the year: a time for self-assessment
28/01/2006 The story of the people of the cave – part 4
09/01/2006 Eid Al-Adha 2006
25/11/2005 The story of the people of the cave – part 3
18/11/2005 The story of the people of the cave – part 2
11/11/2005 The story of the people of the cave – part 1
16/09/2005 Self reproaching soul
09/09/2005 The Month of Sha’ban
02/09/2005 In remembrance of Isra and Miraj 2
26/08/2005 In remembrance of Isra and Miraj 1
19/08/2005 Ants Speech
12/08/2005 A call to understand the Qur’an
29/07/2005 The Muslim Attitude in Times of Tension
22/07/2005 In the shade of the events of 7/7
15/07/2005 Islamic View to events on Thursday, 7 July 2005
01/07/2005 The obligation of Zakat (part 3)
24/06/2005 The obligation of Zakat (part 2)
10/06/2005 The Obligatory Pillar of Zakat
03/06/2005 Having Humility in Prayer
27/05/2005 Establishing Prayer- A Fruit of Faith (Part4)
06/05/2005 True Faith
22/04/2005 Remembering the Prophet’s Birth
15/04/2005 The Example of the Messenger
08/04/2005 The Messenger of Allah (part 1)
01/04/2005 Ways to increase your spiritual level
25/03/2005 Religion and Faith
05/03/2005 Why we worship Allah
18/02/2005 Why don’t we practice Islam?
11/02/2005 The Islamic New Year
04/02/2005 The Blessings of Jum’ah (Friday)
28/01/2005 Elevating the Houses of Allah
21/01/2005 Points for Consideration
07/01/2005 The sacred months and the grace of the ten days of Dhu al-Hajjah
24/12/2004 The obligation of Pilgrimage and it’s rewards
17/12/2004 Our Belief in Jesus (S)
15/10/2004 The First Friday Khutbah in Ramadan
24/09/2004 Taqwa of Allah the Almighty
17/09/2004 The Muslim Family: From the rights of the husband
10/09/2004 The Muslim Family: From the rights of the wife
03/09/2004 The Muslim Family
20/08/2004 The effects of disobedience
13/08/2004 Muslim Youth
06/08/2004 untitled
25/06/2004 Soundness of the Heart
18/06/2004 Interacting with the Qur’an
11/06/2004 From the Goals of the Qur’an
04/06/2004 With the Qur’an
21/05/2004 The Exaltedness of Ambitions
14/05/2004 Does the Muslim individual have rights?
07/05/2004 Preservation of Intellect
30/04/2004 In Memory of the Prophet’s Birthday (saws)
09/04/2004 The Objectives of the Shari’ah: The Preservation of Money/Wealth
02/04/2004 Message for Muslims living in non-Muslim lands
26/03/2004 Open Message
19/03/2004 The Objectives of the Islamic Sacred Law
12/03/2004 The Admonition of Death
05/03/2004 Adherence until Death
27/02/2004 Muharram
20/02/2004 Lessons from the Hijra
23/01/2004 Seizing the seasons of goodness
16/01/2004 The Pilgrimage (al-hajj)
29/08/2003 Our Community and Hope
08/08/2003 Humility in Prayer
18/07/2003 Luqman’s Advice to His Son – Part 2
11/07/2003 Luqman’s Advice to His Son – Part 1
04/07/2003 The Value of Time
27/06/2003 Halal Earnings
20/06/2003 The Greatest Losers Concerning Their Deeds
13/06/2003 The Forbidden Look
06/06/2003 And whoever committed an injustice will have utterly failed
30/05/2003 Being Mindful of Allah and its effect on the individual and society
23/05/2003 Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness (al-Istighfar)
07/02/2003 The People of Taqwa
31/01/2003 The First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah
24/01/2003 The People of Happiness and the People of Misery
17/01/2003 The Heart of a Believer between its Diseases and its Cure
10/01/2003 The Heart of a Believer
03/01/2003 The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)
19/12/2002 The Evils of the Tongue
12/12/2002 The Evils of the Tongue
21/11/2002 Lessons from the Battle of Badr
31/03/2000 Women Between the Respect of Islam and the Degradation of the West