Our Mission

All praises be to Allah, and prayer and peace be upon the prophet Muhammad.

The Mission of the Masjid Attakwa is to serve the deen of Allah.

Among our goals:

  1. To establish the Islamic rituals; performing the five daily prayers, the Jumuah prayer, and the Eid prayers.
  2. To make the Muslim community aware of the matter of their deen.
  3. To provide services, as the marriage contract and ceremony, and divorce procedures
    when necessary. Providing help to as many needy persons as possible, and assisting those who find themselves suddenly in times of difficulty.
  4. To follow up Dawah work, and help the youth develop skills in the field of Dawah.
  5. To provide Islamic education to the Muslim children through the weekend School,
    which has as its main subjects; Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language.
  6. To work on the unity of the Muslims under the authentic Islamic belief (Aqeedah)
  7. To work on reinforcing cultural, social, and sporting activities.
  8. To establish the brotherhood relations between our Masjid and the other centers in the state and outside of state, working towards the general well-being of the Muslims in the United States.

And Allah is the helper and the guider to the right way.