Masjid Attakwa is pleased to offer a wide range of services for the Muslim community of South Dakota.


The five daily prayers are held in congregation in the mosque. See the prayer timesheet. For details of Iqama and pray times.

Jumuah (Friday) prayer, Khutba start at 12:45pm till1:15pm with salaT finishing at 1:20pm

Halaqas (classes)

There are a number of on going halaqas throughout the week.
Please check our Activities Page for details.

Dawah (Sharing the Message of Islam)

The Masjid welcomes groups or individuals who wish learn about Islam, or to visit the Mosque. We also offer meeting for anyone who wishes to speak for a purpose of learning, research or wishing to accept Islam. For appointment or visit, please contact: 605-951-3338

Islamic Etiquette of visiting the Mosque:

Since the Mosque is a place of worship, we ask our visitors to kindly observe the following etiquette:

  • Ladies should dress modestly and should cover the hair with a scarf
  • Shoes should be removed before entering the prayer halls
  • When greeting, men and women in Islamic faith do not shake hands


Marriage is performed according to the Islamic Shariah rules. An appointment should be scheduled in advance. Contact: 605-951-3338

Family Counseling

Counseling services are available in our Mosque for personal, family, and interpersonal issues. We will insha’Allah work to provide solutions to social relationship, neighborhood, friendship, etc. To make an appointment call: 605-951-3338

Funeral Services

For funeral services in South Dakota, Please contact our imam at 612-518-8513, or our address at 701. South Garfield Ave.


In the blessed month of Ramadan, all the Halaqas will stip and we will have the following activities instead:

  • Breaking the Fast: Every night to the fast: milk, dates, and fruits will be provided InshaAllah.
  • Taraweeh Prayer: Taraweeh prayer is held every night in congregation in the Mosque.
  • Lecture: There will be a lecture every night after the first 4 raka’as as of the taraweeh prayer, conducted by our imam.
  • Tahajjud prayer: At the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Masjid organizes Tahajjud prayer and night dinners (Suhoor).

Eid prayer

The Eid prayer will be organized in one of the areas available. The exact place will be announced when the time of Eid comes.

Please visit for more information or call 605-951-3338